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Sharing the music of Africa with audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and capabilities.

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At Crocodile River Music, we bring African music, art, and dance to New England and beyond. We’re proud to serve various schools and perform in some of the most prestigious venues in and around New England through our concerts, workshops, lectures, and other educational programs. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of people who have traveled all over the world sharing the cultures of Africa on a global scale. Through our Cultural Ambassador Training Program, we’re proud to work with the African refugee and immigrant community, providing leadership training to young people interested in pursuing careers in education and the arts.

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How wonderful to bring culture to the small town of Dudley. Your team did a fabulous job teaching the children and the staff about the instruments and the countries they come from. Your program, From Trinidad to Timbukto” has inspired att projects and biogs on teacher websites. Parents have called and asked about the program and many of the students have approached their teachers to ask where the gallery is located. The other day I was opening an educational video at a grade level meeting and it opened with a song containing steel drums.. Immediately the children recognized the instrument thanks to your presentation!

Diane D. Seibold


Featured Artworks

Ancient NTomo Mask

Ancient NTomo Mask

A N’tomo mask is said to be the most ancient.  They appear as a human face with four to ten projections which, regardless of their actual number, are said to represent the eight primordial seeds made by God to create the universe. The specific number of spikes or...

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Featured Artist


Idrissa Koné

Idrissa Koné

Idrissa Koné Idrissa is one of our vibrant performers who works to convey the importance of African culture through his musical talents. Idrissa’s interest in music has been an integral part of his life as he learned to play tama—a type of African drum—in his hometown...

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