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In Natick, Musician Shares Passion for African Drumming

Zachariah Combs likes to perform for an audience, especially one made up of children or teens. But he doesn’t like the kind that sits silently at attention, listening to his music and holding their applause until the end of the piece. “African drum music is not meant...

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Heritage School Get Taste of West African Culture

“Do you have spider webs in your basement? Ask any Heritage School student why some West African musicians value those sticky filaments, and you may learn that webs resonate sound in the hollowed gourds of a balafon. The second-, third- and fourth-graders recently...

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African Rhythms at Walsh Middle

Walsh Middle School students were exposed to the music of Spain, Trindad, Brazil, and Africa Wednesday afternoon as part of a program to celebrate National Black History Month.

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A Musical Exploration

PORTSMOUTH — The musical exploration pulsing through St. Philomena School’s auditorium Tuesday afternoon had students bobbing their heads and clapping in rhythm to the percussion-heavy sounds of Crocodile River Music. The outfit, which promotes African and...

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Crocodile River Music Sets Off Fireworks

“Can anyone tell me what this is called?” asked Issa Coulibaly, hoisting his hollow and hefty drum high enough for the audience to see it. He turned it slowly at his waist, taut ropes shifting at its sides. A small but steady voice rose from the middle of the tent....

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