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Q: How can the school apply for the matching grant funding?

A: The matching grant funding is already secured so no application is required.  In order to receive the grant a date needs to be confirmed and a deposit must be made.


Q: Can the date be changed after it’s locked in?

A: Yes.

  • If requested over one month ahead of time, the date can be changed based on our availability.
  • If requested with less than one month planning time, there will be a charge of $150.


Q: Can we reserve a snow date?

A: No.  If the school is cancelled due to inclement weather we request that the school provide us with three reschedule dates, that AAiE can choose from.


Q: What is the cost?

A: Total cost for the one day program is:

TOTAL                       $2,800
SCHOOL PORTION $1,400 (with grant support)

Additional days of up to 6 workshops can be added for $800 per day.


Q: What is included in the residency program?

A:        A one-day residency program consists of:

  • Installation of ten art pieces for a period of up to one month 
  • Up to six drum or dance workshops
  • One musical assembly for specific grades or entire school (same day of workshops)

Q: What types of pieces are included in the art installation?

A: Art pieces are from the collections of Gordon Lankton and the Hamill Gallery of Tribal Art in Boston, MA. Examples include masks, sculptures, jewelry, instruments, and fabrics.


Q: Are the art pieces delivered to the school?

A: No.  It is up to the school to send a representative to our headquarters at 44 Portland Street 7th floor in Worcester, MA in order to select the pieces.  This representative is then responsible for transport to and from the school.


Q: Are descriptions provided?

A: Yes, you will receive labels and stands for the display.  All information will be provided to you at the time of selection if possible, or sent through the mail if not available at time of selection.


Q: Can I keep the descriptions?

A: No.  Please return all labels and stands with the art so they can be used again.


Q: How many pieces does the school receive?

A: The school receives a total of ten pieces. 


Q: Does the art need to be enclosed?

We do not require that the art to be placed in cases, however you are welcome to case it if you like.  Much of the art is “touchable” and can be used in the art room. 


Q: How long is the art installation?

A: The art pieces can be on display at your school for up to a period of one month.  The timing is flexible, for example you can have it for two weeks leading up to the residency and two weeks after; or the entire month before or after.

Q: How long are the workshops?

A: Workshops are 30 minutes long.


Q: How many students can attend each workshop?

A: There is a maximum of 30 students for drum workshops and 60 for dance.  Some exceptions to this maximum are possible, at our discretion, and with an additional fee.


Q: Where are the workshops held?

The workshops must take place in one location.  They can be in a classroom, library or common area with enough space for 30 students, instruments and drums (stage, gym, etc.).


Q: Does the school provide anything for the workshops?

A: Chairs for all the students and two teachers.    

If a device to play a DVD is available, a short demonstration on carving drums can be viewed.


Q: Can additional workshops be added?

A: Additional days of workshops can be included for fee of $750 per day.


Q: Are breaks required?

A: We request a minimum of at least five minutes in between workshops.


Q: Should the workshops come before the assembly?

A: We have found that it is ideal to have the show as the culmination of the event.  However, we will work with whatever is best for the school’s schedule.

Q: How long is the assembly?

A: The assembly program is between 45 and 60 minutes, at the choice of the school.    


Q: How much time is needed for setup?

At least one hour set up time provided before the assembly.


Q: Who can attend the assembly?

A: The assembly can be for a specific grade or the entire school.  Parents as well as any community members who might be interested are welcome too! 


Q: Where is the assembly held?

The assembly can be held in an auditorium, cafeteria or gymnasium.  The preference is to have the performers on a floor rather than a stage, as this allows for more interaction!  However, if the school prefers we are happy to perform on the stage.


Q: Does the school provide equipment?

A: All sound gear is provided by performers.  Schools provide electricity, case of bottled water and a table.


Q: Can the school have more than one assembly?

A: A second back to back assembly can be added for an additional fee of $750. 

Alternately, an evening concert can be added for an additional fee of $1000.


Q: Are students encouraged to participate?

A: Yes, the performance is highly interactive.  Often it concludes with an opportunity for the entire audience to dance with the band.

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