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Experience African Art

“Everything I need to know about Africa is in these objects.” Pablo Picasso, on traditional African art.

The African Arts in Education Residency Program provides the school with a selection of 10 African art pieces from Clinton’s Gallery of African Art. The art is brought to the school, where an exhibit is curated by Residency Program coordinators and staff members from the school’s Art Department. Our collection is full of masks, jewelry, sculptures and instruments to choose from, which allows customization for specific age groups and curricula. The African-art exhibit stays in the school for a month’s time.

Gallery of African Art

The Gallery is home to an artistically powerful private collection of more than 400 works of art, artifacts and musical instruments. They offer interactive exhibits and gallery tours to help you experience and feel African culture – not just view it.

Smithsonian National Museum of Art

The Museum’s mission is “to inspire conversations about the beauty, power, and diversity of African arts and cultures worldwide.”


Housed in a nineteenth-century wallpaper factory in Boston, Hamill Gallery devotes 16,000 square feet to an ever-growing collection of traditional African art. Our exhibition space is divided between two floors with an additional two floors required to accommodate an inventory of about 40,000 objects.


Atspire is a art collector and exhibition venue in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

It is located on the corners of Achter Sint Pieter and Voetiusstraat, in the very center of Utrecht, where temporary exhibitions and private collections are presented for sale.

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