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In 2012, Crocodile River Music entered into a partnership with African Arts in Education (AAiE) to further extend awareness and appreciation of African culture to schools and community groups. Through our residency programs, we are proud to bring African music, dance, and art education directly to students. Our residencies are fully customizable for students of all ages and abilities, enabling each individual to experience the rich cultural history of Africa.

(full-day residency)

Enrich your student’s mind, body, and spirit with the excitement of African drumming and dance! Students will gain new perspectives and attitudes toward African culture as they learn the fundamentals of traditional music and movement.


See the excitement in your students’ eyes as they receive hands-on training from master African drummers. Seated in a drum circle, each student will learn proper technique, rhythm, interdependence, and cooperation, all taught on authentic African instruments.


Students will engage in a high-spirited, rhythmic dance experience as they learn about traditional West African dance. Accompanied by live drumming, your students will connect with African culture through music and interactive movement.


Principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, a highly interactive science of sound experience. Each student will skin, tighten, and tune a drum, as they discover the science behind how different shapes, sizes, and materials affect drum sound.

All-school Assembly Concert
(45-to-60-minute performance)

Take your students and teachers on an interactive musical journey through lecture and discussion, song and dance, and audience participation.

Bamako 2 Boston

 This high-energy, interactive musical geography experience teaches students how we are all connected through rhythm and song. The journey begins in Africa as we demonstrate its music and rhythms through tribal and ritual drumming. From there, we travel around the world exploring the music and dance styles that have blossomed from these African musical roots

African art installation

Your students will enjoy an exhibit of authentic African masks, statues, jewelry, sculptures, and instruments right in their school. This diverse collection will teach your students about the various regions, tribes, and traditions of Africa.

Art installations are generously supported by the Lankton Charitable Corporation and the Gallery of African Art.

Matching Grants Program

Funds provided by our foundation partners enable us to offer matching grants to public and private schools which cover 50% of the cost of our programming. Grants are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information:

2016-2017 African Arts in Education Flyer

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